Job Hunting Guide by Ethan O’Sullivan

How to keep organized during this global unemployment crisis

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If you’re reading this, odds are that you’re one of the millions of unemployed due to COVID-19 and currently on a job hunt. This process may be familiar to you by now:

  1. You see an open position online and think you’re a good fit for the role.
  2. Submit your resume/CV.
  3. Discouraged and frustrated (rightfully so) when you don’t hear back.

“If I could just get an opportunity, I know I will be able to sell myself.”

It’s unfortunate, but your resume is likely not making it past the initial screening. Since everything is online, hundreds of people may be applying for the same job. …

Career Advice by Ethan O’Sullivan

All it takes is a few minutes of your time

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Whether you’re starting out or an experienced professional that needs refinement

1. Be Present

If you’re in a meeting, don’t multi-task unless you tell the participants beforehand. Saying something such as:

“I’m listening, but I’m just writing down some notes to take back with me and review after this meeting” — is fine.

Be sure to try to understand what’s going on. Participants in the conversation may need a second opinion on what was said and you might get lost.

2. Take Notes

But only shorthand — don’t try to copy what everyone says because then you’re not engaged in the conversation. Jot down simple phrases and keywords that will help you retain important information. …

A memoir of my first scuba diving experience

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Photo by will terra on Unsplash

First Open Water Dive Experience

It’s 2003, I am sitting on the edge of a boat approximately five miles offshore from the beautiful island of Jamaica.

As I look over the bow (front) of the boat, I see a dark overcast approaching. The sea starts to developed swells, growing bigger and bigger by the second. I turn and look at my instructor — Cam Forbush — in front of me, he gives me the nod, I take a deep breath, lean back, and fall into the deep blue ocean.

As my whole body submerges underwater, I open my eyes, look up, and take my first breath. It’s silent. I exhale and see bubbles escaping to the surface. It sounds like the infamous Darth Vader with his respirator. I am anxious and intimidated by the vastness of my surroundings, but this does not stop me from the experience of a lifetime. …

Tech Tips by Ethan O’Sullivan

Utilize a simple API that converts XML to JSON without coding

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The Problem With XML

When it comes to APIs, XML is a well-known feed format that has been around for a while and is still used to this day. However, as summarized by Tamlyn Rhodes:

“Unfortunately, XML exists. For whatever reason, somebody once thought it was a good idea and now we’re stuck with it. Since most modern applications and APIs use JSON instead, it’s often necessary to convert XML into JSON…”

As such, I was having an issue with one platform when I was trying to power one of my web apps with an XML API. When I initialized the call, the platform would not pick up on the XML attribute values (such as systemCode="us-tv"). …


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